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Daybreak Alberta with Russell Bowers

Syrian Ice Cream Paves the Way for Jasmine Road

Instead of flocking to dark cinemas, film fans will be watching films for the Calgary and Edmonton film festivals from home. Starting September 24 for Calgary and October 1 for Edmonton and full lineups and viewing details can be found at and The opening night for the Edmonton Film Fest will be an Alberta movie called "Jasmine Road" (also playing during the Calgary festival) and it portrays a relationship that develops between a widowed rancher and a Syrian family who come to settle in southern Alberta. Warren Sulatycky ("Johnny Mnemonic," "Due South") wrote and directed "Jasmine Road." Warren has been acting in major films and directing film and reality TV for 30 years and I'm pleased he's visiting with me on Daybreak.

Listen more on the link below:

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