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“Sulatycky’s Alberta landscapes will break what's left of your heart after you go through the wringer with his extraordinary characters in Jasmine Road. Sulatycky has a reverence for character, and a patient way with the lives of his characters, and they all come to a kind of marvelous life in Jasmine Road”. - CTV, Stephen Hunt


“A Quiet Study of intersecting lives. Thanks to perceptive performances of the actors and well-crafted characters, the film offers surprising depth without ever becoming preachy. A remarkable performance by newcomer Melody Mokhtari”. - Calgary Herald, Eric Volmers


“Writer-director Warren Sulatycky takes it down to a personal, emotional, and honest level you never get on the evening news. The result is an edgy yet surprisingly gentle tear-jerker – one that can make your blood boil at the same time. For the most part, the film steers clear of anger and violence; instead, with rich dialogue and well-drawn characters, we are gifted with a remarkable insight into people who are “just like us. The element of “magic” adds an extra emotional layer to an already heartbreaking, heart-warming story. Better bring Kleenex.” - GIGCity

“A beautifully filmed, poignant story about the common humanity that binds us all together. The acting is beautifully understated. Greg Ellwand is suitably restrained as the laconic Mac and Ahmed Muslimani takes the prize for his portrayal as Salem – being a gay Muslim man is dangerous almost anywhere, but particularly so in a highly conservative rural area. His weariness, resignation, and grief are completely believable. Best of all, the scenery is jaw-droppingly beautiful and the stunning vistas alone are worth your time. The highlight of Jasmine Road is its overarching message of tolerance, acceptance, and shared human experience. The film makes it clear that despite our cultural differences, we are all human and share the experience of loss and pain. We find joy and meaning in our families and we also find satisfaction in mastering skills and sharing our work with others. What this lovely little movie shows is that people of good will can bridge that gap with kindness, empathy, openness, and a little bit of effort.” -

“The acting alone — plus the back and forth of Arabic and country music — are worth your support as the Edmonton Film Festival’s opening night film” - Edmonton Journal

"Fantastic piece of work, heartfelt, very much a film audiences can identify with whether they have been through the experiences of the characters or not. Looks Beautiful. Deserving of being the opening night film of the Edmonton International Film Festival." - CJSR RADIO, Edmonton


“Top Five Films at Calgary International Film Festival” -

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