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EIFF REVIEW: Jasmine Road a tear-jerker with a message: ‘They’re just like us.’

Posted on October 1, 2020 By Mike Ross Entertainment, Film, Front Slider

A redneck rancher unwittingly becomes the host of a family of Syrian refugees. What could possibly go wrong?

Better yet: What could go right? Jasmine Road, the opening night feature at the Edmonton International Film festival, looks on the positive side of the immigration issue that has touched nearly every Canadian. Writer-director Warren Sulatycky takes it down to a personal, emotional, and honest level you never get on the evening news. The result is an edgy yet surprisingly gentle tear-jerker – one that can make your blood boil at the same time.

“Build a wall!” says one goof at the local coffee shop. “We have the longest unprotected border in the world – and they just come on through! They should just go back where they came from.”

Does this sound familiar?


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